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Packaging Process Improvement history, definition and terms associated with Lean Manufacturing and Lean Process Improvement

The history of packaging process improvement and lean manufacturing is a very interesting subject and while lean manufacturing has been around in some form for over a hundred years, it has only really taken hold in the United States recently. It seems now everyone in the packaging industry is talking lean but very few people truly understand the terms and concepts. Advanced Industrial Equipment can help you with this exciting packaging process improvement opportunity by explaining the basics. Lean Process Improvement should not be a mystery. Lean Process Improvement should be used to bring everyone together towards "our common goal of making our businesses better places to work, as well as more competitive in the current economic environment".

A special note- because Lean Manufacturing and Lean Process Improvement originated with the Toyota Production System, many of the terms are translated from Japanese into English, this leads to varying interpretations of these definitions from one practitioner to another. The minor variations should not be of concern, it is the basic concepts that are important. Advanced Industrial Equipment has provided some of the basic concepts, as well as a list of terms which can be found and accessed on the links below.

We hope the Lean History, Concepts and Definitions are helpful in assisting you with your Process Improvement and Lean Manufacturing quest!