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  • Kitting: A process in which assemblers are supplied with kits of parts, fittings and tools.
  • Lead Time: The total time a customer must wait to receive a product after placing an order
  • Lean: A business practice characterized by the endless pursuit of waste elimination.
  • Lean Transformation: Developing a culture that is intolerant to waste in all of its forms.
  • Leveling: Smoothing out the production schedule by averaging out both the volume and mix of products.
  • Line Balancing: The process of evenly distributing both the quantity and variety of work across available work time, eliminating bottlenecks and downtime, which translates into shorter flow time.
  • Machine Cycle Time: The time it takes for a machine to produce one unit.
  • Master Black Belt: Master Black Belts are Six Sigma Quality experts that are responsible for the strategic implementations within an organization.
  • Mistake Proofing: Any change to an operation that helps the operator reduce or eliminate mistakes.
  • Muda: Japanese for waste. Any activity that adds cost without adding value to the product.
  • Mura: Variations and variability in work method or the output of a process.
  • Muri: Exertion, overworking (a person or machine), unreasonableness.
  • Nagara: Accomplishing more than one task in one motion or function.
  • Non-Value Added: Activities or actions taken that add no real value to the product or service, making such activities or action a form of waste.
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