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  • OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness Calculated as Availability x Performance x Quality to determine how much of the time a piece of equipment is being used while it is actually making good parts at an appropriate speed.
  • Overproduction: Producing more, sooner or faster than is required by the next process or customer.
  • Pareto Chart: A bar chart that displays by frequency, in descending order, the most important defects.
  • PDCA: Plan, Do, Check, Act This is a basic principle followed for effective problem solving during kaizen.
  • Performance Management: A set of tools and approaches to measure, improve, monitor and sustain the key indicators of a business.
  • Poka-yoke: Japanese word that refers to a mistake-proofing device or procedure used to prevent a defect during the production process.
  • PQPR: Product Quantity Process Routing Analysis. The PQ (Product Quantity) refers to Pareto analysis to determine the 80/20 rule of the top products or services that make up 80% of work volume. The PR (Process Routing) refers to the Parts-Process Matrix analysis to determine product families by grouping of products with similar process flows.
  • Process Capacity Table: A chart primarily used in machining processes that compares set-up and machine load times to available capacity.
  • Production Smoothing: Keeping total manufacturing volume as constant as possible.
  • Pull Production: Products are made only when the customer has requested or "pulled" it, and not before.
  • Push System: Product is pushed into a process, regardless of whether it is needed.
  • Quality: Meeting expectation and requirements, stated and un-stated, of the customer.
  • Quick Changeover: The ability to change tooling and fixtures rapidly, usually minutes, so multiple products can be run on the same machine.
  • Root Cause: The real underlying cause of a problem.
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