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  • 5 Why's: Asking 'why?' five times or as many times as needed to find the root cause of a problem. A simple and effective way of analyzing and solving problems.
  • 5S: The principle of waste elimination through workplace organization. In English 5S is sort, straighten, sweep, standardize and sustain.
  • 7 Wastes: The 7 types of waste in a production environment. Elimination of these wastes improves profit. The 7 wastes are 1) Overproduction, 2) Transportation, 3) Motion, 4) Waiting, 5) Over Processing, 6) Too much Inventory, and 7) Defects.
  • A3 Report: A form (11 inches x 17 inches) form originally used by Toyota as a one-sheet problem evaluation for root cause analysis and as a corrective action planning tool.
  • Andon: Andons are lights placed on machines or on production lines to indicate operation status.
  • Autonomation: Stopping a line automatically when a defective part is detected.
  • Batch Manufacturing: A production strategy that moves significant quantities of sub-assemblies from operation to operation in a batch.
  • Batch-and-Queue: Producing more than one piece of an item and then moving those items forward to the next operation before that are all actually needed.
  • Benchmarking: Comparing key performance metrics with other organizations in similar or relevant industries.
  • Black Belt: Six Sigma team leaders responsible for implementing process improvement projects within the business.
  • Bottleneck: Any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed on it.
  • Breakthrough Projects: Projects which substantially improve the companies bottom line.
  • Cause and Effect Diagram: A problem solving tool used to identify relationships between effects and multiple causes, also called a Fishbone or Ishikawa Diagram.
  • Cellular Manufacturing: The layout of machines of different types performing different operations in a tight sequence, typically in a U-shape, to permit single piece flow and flexible deployment of human effort.
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