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  • Flow Chart: A problem solving tool that maps out the steps in a process visually. The flow (or lack thereof) becomes evident and the wastes and redundancies are identified.
  • Flow Production: A way of doing things in small quantities in sequential steps, rather than in large batches, lots or mass processing.
  • Functional Layout: The practice of grouping machines or activities by type of operation performed.
  • Future Reality Tree (FRT): A thinking process diagram that describes how the agreed direction for a solution unavoidable through solid logic leads to the desired results or benefits.
  • Future State Map: The vision of a future optimal process, which forms the basis of your implementation plan by helping to design how the process should operate.
  • Green Belt: Someone who has been trained on the improvement methodology of Six Sigma who will lead a process improvement or quality improvement team.
  • Heijunka: A method of leveling production at the final assembly line that makes just-in-time production possible.
  • Internal Setup: Set-up tasks that can only be done when the machine is stopped.
  • Inventory: All raw materials, purchased parts, work-in-process components, and finished goods that are not yet sold to a customer.
  • Jidoka: An operator s topping a line when a defective part is detected.
  • Just in Time (JIT): Making what the customer needs when the customer needs it in the quantity the customer needs, using minimal resources of manpower, material, and machinery.
  • Kaizen: Japanese for change for the better or improvement.
  • Kaizen Event: Any action tended to be an improvement to an existing process.
  • Kanban: Japanese term which means card signal. Kanban is the information signal used to indicate the need for material replenishment in a pull production process.
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