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Packaging Process Improvement begins with documenting Standardized Work Instructions. This Step by Step process for training employees is easy to follow and has a repeatable outcome resulting in increased productivity.

Advanced Industrial Equipment recommends using a Step by Step process, including pictures, which can be one of the most effective ways to not only document the processes, but also train new and existing employees.

By following Step by Step instructions, employees can be expected to perform even the most difficult tasks with minimal training. Packaging Process Improvement with step by step instructions, will ensure your employees will be able to perform required procedures successfully every time!

The Step by Step employee training work instructions are 8.5" x 11" laminated (10 mil) pages, so they will not be damaged if used in a production area. They are put into a binder along with a outline, a "How the Process Works" section, safety information as well as important item locations (switches, tools, etc.).

Work Instructions Example

Packaging Process Improvement Single Page Instructions are an extremely helpful way to remind employees of previously learned training and important tips.

Packaging Process Improvement Single Page Instructions for employee training are an excellent method of reinforcing the formal training, when the employees are working on the production floor. Advanced Industrial Equipment has developed packaging process improvement single page instructions for many types of processes and equipment.

These single page employee training lessons are 8.5" x 11" laminated (10 mil) reference points used in the process area. While they are usually attached to a piece of equipment, single page employee training lessons can also be carried by technicians as reference guides.

The single page instructions show the process in a simplified manner or they can be used as reference material for more complex functions. They have pictures with action symbols and important text highlighted. They can be translated into Spanish by Advanced Industrial Equipment.

This combination of features make for an easy reinforcement of important packaging process procedures or standards. Please look at the examples on the below by running your cursor over the image to change the picture: